Our Story

After 14 years of building long-term, trusting relationships by putting our clients first, we found ourselves wanting to improve our client-experience in two ways. First, we wanted to attain what we believe are the best capabilities and resources in the industry. Second, we wanted to eliminate the often conflicting corporate campaigns and initiatives that detract from serving clients' needs and objectives. We realized we were searching for the "best of both worlds." We utilized an extensive and thorough process to help us find a situation where we could focus on the aforementioned goals.

Although there were a number of great firms with robust capabilities and resources – that also promised the autonomy we sought – those firms required us to become employees, which didn't completely address the conflict of loyalty. We were concerned that, even if granted autonomy, how long would it really last? Although it was tempting to go work for one of the big firms that could provide us the industry-leading capabilities and resources we were looking for, we didn't want to get in a situation where future conflicts of loyalty may arise – leaving us to move again.

We wanted to get ourselves in a situation where we could thrive, undistracted and uninterrupted, and build long-term trusting relationships by helping people realize their full financial potential, so they can get what they want out of life. We wanted to build something truly unique and special. With that kind of perspective in mind, it became clear we needed to start our own independent practice.

Finding the Right Fit

When exploring broker-dealers, custodians, and clearing firms to affiliate with, we initially found ourselves disappointed by the capabilities and resources that many of these firms offered, with the exception of one firm. Ultimately, the decision became clear, we believe Wells Fargo Advisors was the only firm that had the scale and the commitment to be a leader in the industry, while also allowing us to access their capabilities and resources through an affiliation with Wells Fargo Advisors Financial Network.  

We feel like we have successfully flipped the whole organizational chart upside down, and now the client is on top, right where they should be.